Dear Baby Gear Deluxe Car Seat Canopy – Soft and Breathable – Fits Most Car Seats – Reversible Infant Car Seat Cover – Octopus Under The Sea Print with Ocean Bubbles and Sea Creatures – 30″ x 40″


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Technical Details
Product Dimensions ‎40 x 30 x 0.1 inches
Item model number ‎117
Target gender ‎Unisex
Style ‎Animal
Batteries required ‎No
Item Weight ‎15 ounces

Color: Octopus Under The Sea Reversible

SHIELD YOUR BABY: Protect your little one from harsh sunlight, wind, dust, and other environmental factors while in the car seat with our Dear Baby Gear Canopy.
PROMOTE BETTER SLEEP: Create a private and cozy environment for your baby, reducing distractions and promoting restful sleep with our canopy.
EASY AND VERSATILE: Our canopy can be easily attached to any car seat and adjusted to fit the seat’s size and shape, making it the perfect addition to your baby gear.
STYLISH AND FUN: Choose from a variety of cute and colorful designs from Dear Baby Gear to make your baby’s car seat look fashionable and attractive.
THE PERFECT GIFT: The Dear Baby Gear Car Seat Canopy is a practical and thoughtful gift for new moms and baby showers that is sure to be appreciated.